Our Apps are Native!

Native apps are the "jets" of the app industry - much more than just a mobile website!

Athletics & Academics

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Our apps automatically update every 15 minutes!


Athletics Apps

Daily ONE-STOP-INFO-SHOP for your parents, athletes, & fans!

When you need more than just your schedules listed...

  • SEND Alerts, Updates, & Notifications to fans!

  • INTEGRATION with your Scheduling Software, Website, Resources, Tools, & more...

  • REAL-TIME Schedules, News, & Scores

  • ACCESS to Ticketing, Forms, Rosters, Media Guides, Tools, Resources, & more...

  • CONNECT with fans via Social Media Feeds, Live Streaming, Radio/TV Broadcasts, Staff Directory

  • INFORM fans of Weather, Directions, Delays...

  • NO EXTRA WORK for ADs or Staff!

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"Your fans are gonna love this!"

What people say

"Hardly anyone calls our Athletics office anymore - they just know to go to the app for the information they're looking for!"

                                               Kevin Davis, Athletic Director

Academics Apps

EASY access to all your school's daily information in SECONDS!

MUCH more than just a mobile version of your website...

  • SEND Alerts, Updates, & Push Notifications!

  • INTEGRATES seamlessly with your existing Website, Calendars, Resources, Tools, & more...

  • INFORM students & parents of Safety Concerns, Delays/Closings, Reminders, & Special Messages in SECONDS!

  • NO EXTRA WORK for Admins, Faculty, or IT!

  • REAL-TIME Announcements, Calendars, Menus, School Happenings, & more...

  • FULL ACCESS to LMS, Grades, Student/Parent Tools, customized Resource Links, & more...

  • CONNECT via Social Media, Email, & Phone for every staff member! 

  • FREE Support, Promo Materials ... & much more!

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"The next level in school communications!"

What people say

"It's such a quality app - everyone uses it.  We now have a direct channel of information to our parents so we no longer have to solely rely on the students to

       get important daily information home!"                                                          David Hubster, MS Principal