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Our apps automatically update every 15 minutes!


Athletics Apps

All your daily Athletics in a ONE-STOP-INFO-SHOP for your parents, athletes, & fans!

  • Send Alerts, Updates, & Notifications!

  • Real-time Schedules

  • News & Scores

  • Rosters & Media Guides

  • Tickets, Live Streaming, & Forms

  • Official Team Twitter Feeds

  • Links to Your Most Used Resources

  • Staff Directory

  • WeatherDirections ... & more!

"Your grandparents are gonna love this!"

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Academics Apps

Access all your school's daily information in seconds ... 24/7/365!

  • Send Alerts, Updates, & Notifications!

  • Snapshot of Upcoming School Day

  • Real-time School Happenings

  • Real-time Daily Announcements

  • Real-time Calendars

  • Menus

  • LMS & Grades Access

  • Customized Resource Links 

  • Social Media Integration

  • Student Broadcast Integration

  • Multiple Points of Staff Contact

  • Free Support ... & more!

"A direct info channel to your parents!"

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What people say

"Hardly anyone calls our Athletics office anymore - they just know to go to the app for the information they're looking for!"

                                               Kevin Davis, Athletic Director

What people say

"It's such a quality app - everyone uses it.  We now have a direct channel of information to our parents so we no longer have to solely rely on the students to

       get important daily information home!"                                                          David Hubster, MS Principal