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Daily Snapshot

Your school's daily events, menus, & news at a glance

when you open your app!

Alerts & Notifications

Push out schedule changes, weather issues, reminders, safety, & more!

Social Media


ALL of your team & school social feeds in ONE place!

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and so much more...

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Daily Communications

One-touch calling, direct staff contact, daily announcements, schedules & more!


Student Resources

LMS, grades, counseling resources, & more!

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Free Support

Problem?  We fix it for free.


App Promotion

We'll help spread the word about your new app!

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App Scholarship & Funding

App scholarships available!  


Earn money back to your school!  


Helpful Hint:

If it takes more than 2 clicks for users to find the information they're looking for ... they won't use your app!

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Take the "2 Click Challenge" with your School Courier app...

What's for lunch today?

1 click
1 Second

What time is the JV game tonight?

1 click
1 Second

What is my biology grade?

2 clicks
3 Seconds

Call out my son for an appointment

2 clicks
2 Seconds

Access the football Twitter feed

2 clicks
3 Seconds

What people say

"Our app allows us to connect with students and parents in a matter of seconds - that's not the case when you are trying to reach people through email."


-Sean Jochum, Guidance Counselor

Clean, Fast, and Easy to use!

"I just open the app, and in seconds, I can find my kids schedules, lunch, grades, teachers, or anything else I need to know!" 


- Lynn Held, Parent 

Connect. Inform. Simplify! 

for educators, by educators