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Why Advertise with School Courier?

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  • Reach current and potential customers in a way nobody else has!

  • Build a strong local grassroots advertising campaign...right in your local schools!

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So What? 


People have their phones with them 24/7!  Wherever they go, it’s easy to reach them through in-app mobile advertising!

Access to a captive audience

School app users are engaged!  Users check these apps multiple times a day for updates, announcements, and important notifications regarding their children.  This makes the conversion process an easier win for in-app advertisers!

Consumers spend a lot of time in apps

Better consumer experience than display advertising

Today, about 90% of time spent on a mobile device is in an app!  This gives companies that use in-app advertising quite an advantage to boost their brand visibility!

Ads on the mobile web are often compressed and unappealing to smartphone users. In-app ads are scaled to fit the screen and look much better, thereby improving overall engagement.

Develop good-will by supporting your local schools

Strong school partnerships are the cornerstone of good business.  Help improve school communications while getting your message seen daily by local customers!

Click the video below to hear the in-app advertising success story from a School Courier business owner who said "YES!"

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