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FAQs  or  "How to Choose the Right School App"


What's the BEST school app for the money?

THE ONE THAT GETS USED EVERY DAY!  This may seem obvious, but today's app audience has high expectations.  Younger parents (& fans) have grown up almost completely on their phones.  They rarely visit websites and want their info in a mobile format that is clean, fast, & easy to find ... under 3 seconds ... within 2 clicks ... or they simply stop using the app.  

Be sure your app choice is powerful enough to meet your audience's needs and expectations!  

(Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of "Native Apps" over "Mirrored Websites") ...

What's the difference between having your own NATIVE APP or just MIRRORING your website?

NATIVE APPS give your brand a presence in the App Stores.  They have code written specifically for your mobile device.  Notifications can be "pushed" directly to your users devices and can work without internet connectivity.  They work much faster, are much more intuitive, and take full advantage of your device features.  Native apps are common in the business sector because of their quality, speed, and versatility.  

Native apps are heavily used and boast the best user experience in the app industry.


MIRRORED WEBSITES are not true apps, therefore your brand will not be available to users in the App Stores. Since mobile websites mirror a desktop website on a device, users must access through an internet browser. This limits phone and tablet navigation (lots of pinching & zooming) because they do not utilize any direct code for "smart" devices. Web apps usually lack the ability to send "push notifications" and operation speeds depend heavily on the quality of the cell signal or WIFI to which a user is connected. Web apps commonly come along as an "added feature" to a website or software service (i.e. website, LMS, grade book, scheduling software, etc.).  

Web apps tend to be clunky and frustrating for today's users, leading to limited use of the "app". 

Why is "2 CLICKS OR LESS" so important?

Nothing is more important than a fast & easy user experience!  We take great pride in getting you to the information you need in "2 Clicks or Less".  If your current primary information source is clunky, there is a good chance it is not being used. 

Can you INTEGRATE our existing school & district resources?

Yes - whenever possible, we integrate with your existing information sources so there is NO EXTRA WORK for schools!  Your native app is custom built and comes with our exclusive data input tool for you to send push notifications, adjust your settings, and make content management even easier.  We make sure you are knowledgable and comfortable with the app, provide customer support, check in regularly, and even help promote your new app to your school community ... at no extra charge!


Quality has a price, but we have programs to help offset your cost.  We offer creative funding options to ensure any progressive District, School, & Athletic Department can utilize our powerful apps to significantly improve their daily communications.  


REQUEST INFO to learn more about our funding options and schedule a free app quote... 

What makes our "USAGE RATES" higher than other apps?

School Courier apps are heavily used because they are exceptionally powerful and extremely easy to navigate.  We focus on presenting your most important daily information in the cleanest format possible.  We want your audience to find the info they're looking for in under 3 seconds, or within "2 Clicks or Less". 

Our apps are used all day, every day by 1st graders to grandparents!  

What if you could easily reach that many people in your school? 


Our team is a professional mix of educators, coaches, parents, & software engineers.  This ensures that every app we build is exceptionally practical, powerful, & relevant to your Academics and/or Athletics needs. 

Nothing is more important than parents, students, & educators effectively communicating EVERY DAY!  

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DON'T SETTLE!  We're much more than just a mobile website...

Don't just settle for a mobile version of your website or a limited app that comes along with your website or LMS software!  Our powerfully integrated, industrial quality native apps are comprehensive and specifically designed to be used by your school and athletics program all day, every day.  Your School Courier app is custom built using native iOS and Android code, making it uniquely clean, exceptionally fast, & incredibly easy to use! 

If you haven't already, check out the KEY FEATURES of our

What People Say

"School Courier integrates all of our existing information sources right into our app so there is no extra work on our end!"

- Brian Wilson, HS Principal

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