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Our Mission

To streamline your daily school communications using native mobile apps

"There has to be a better way!" 
 (the statement that launched our company)

The Pain Point...

As parents of 3 kids in 3 different schools, trying to find basic daily information like lunch menus, grades, & athletic schedules was very frustrating.  We were going to websites, social media, emails, paper calendars, & even some clunky school apps (that just seemed to lead back to the websites and social media).  Eventually, we found ourselves back to digging through backpacks to make sure we weren't missing important daily information ... and guess what? ... WE WERE! 

All we wanted was that "One-Stop-Info-Shop"!  


The Eureka Moment...

As former educators and coaches, we knew that in today's world, there had to be a better way for schools to communicate with families.  As parents, we observed that the one thing our kids (and adults) never seem to be without was their phone!  Hmmm, if we have apps that get us our news, sports, shopping, food, calendars, video games, and just about everything else ... why doesn't every school have an easy "mobile hub" for all their daily info?

So we got to work! 



The Solution (since 2017)...

By partnering educators, parents, and software engineers, we have been proudly developing high quality Academic and Athletic apps since 2017.   It's important to us that our apps can be customized to fit the needs of K-12 schools, yet are easy enough for 1st graders and grandparents to use!  We constantly collect feedback from the folks who know it best - educators and parents!  If there is one thing learned in education, it's that people make the difference.

Great communication is the key!


The Budget Issue...

What good is having an app if it doesn't get used?  The bottom line is quality has a price and school districts have budgets.  This is why we are constantly exploring creative funding opportunities to assist your schools and athletic departments.  We are confident that we can build your district, school, or athletic department a powerful native app that fits your budget and gets used by your families and fans every day.

A "Win-Win-Win" for your schools, families, & community! 

Together we can make a DIFFERENCE!

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